Goddess Paintings



I was born in 1946 in Bombay, India, the land of the Goddess, the land of Light and Colour.

My Mother created costumes for the most famous and  beautiful movie stars of the 50’s.

I was in awe and I began drawing and painting the Goddess very very young!

In 1966 my parents moved to the north of England, to Manchester, and my light was turned off. I had to learn to incorporate the greys into my palette. The back pages of all my school text books were full of drawings of the Goddess, dressed and undressed.

At 16 years old I became a student attending the Manchester school of Art and Design, 4 Happy years, and then on to the Royal College of Art in London.

At 23 I was a Fashion Designer in Sixties London. My career was Spectacular but short lived. I did not understand at the time, but my heart was crying out for the lost Reality of the Spirit Life.

At 27 I was introduced to the ‘work’ of  George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff  and his Sacred dances the ‘movements’.  Magical experiences emanated out of me, like I was a cave of jewels!

At 33 I met my Teacher and my life began. I say my life began, because until then, I was a human child, playing on the beaches of the Great Ocean. The Teacher ‘tricks’ the ‘disciple’ by encouraging, compelling, tricking him to let go the shore and swim out into the Ocean.

At 40 the teacher disappeared, leaving me to swim the Ocean of life, impossible to return to dry land. I was not left alone, I have a wife and 3 young daughters, my Goddesses.

From 50 the teaching finally becomes clearer, “this is the deep Ocean, don’t splash around in fear and mistrust and pride of my own abilities, let the Ocean carry me where She will. As a man, learn to relax back in the arms of the Goddess”.  So, now, I paint the endless beauty of the Goddess, as I have always done!








Blue Isis

STAR Neter of Sirius,

       Primeaval Waters –


Source of the world,that is, our local Universe 

Created by our Binary  Star Mother SIRIUS B.

Three Pole Stars of Sirius  A, B, C.

From the Primordial Womb Waters

Gushing from the Stellar Womb Sirius B

Flow the Cosmic Laws.

The Blue Water Lily Sees; and nutures this seeing...








Ascent of ISIS


Heliacal Rising of Star Neter  ISIS- SIRIUS

Precipitating the Inundation of  the Cosmic Waters

To pour from her Stellar Womb.

The Flooding IS the creation of   

The Two“Planetary Nebula”,

Or the “ Double Placenta”of SIRIUS and the Sun.

The Cyclic Serpents of Time-Flow

Nurtures her “OION”s-  Eggs of Deep Space.

The Blue Water Lily Knows and shows the way.









“White Buffalo Woman”


Vision of the Great Mind of the Buffalo.

The nomadic Buffalo Nation   roamed the vast prairies

And forests on timeless walkabouts,

covering the tall grasses with a million massive bodies

of brown curly fur, hoofs and horns.

Their hot-breathing language was like an Ocean of Sound

circulating among them.

There hidden among themselves was their Great Mother Chief

White Buffalo Woman

Bringing together the Four tribes of the Buffalo People

From the Four directions of the Great Land

....An annual pilgrimage to Buffalo Heart Mountain

In what is now called Wyoming  -Land of the Great Sky,

and the Great Buffalo Nation.







Initiatress into the Land of the Immortals.


Earth Temple (in Gavrinis, France.)

With an initiatory Way  into the other World.

Years of preparatory living precede the rites of passage

Into this mystic mound.

The luminous ‘ley’ radiate from every portal

Of this Sacred Immortal Walled City.

Here  is a sacred doorway  into the Land of Light,

Entered only by the humble heart of profound depths.







Asherah “– Tree Goddess of Hebrew and Arab culture.


“AISH” = FIRE, (hebrew).

“Aishah” = Woman,  (hebrew.)

“Fire woman of the ‘Burning Bush’”, the Tree of Life.

“URA” – the inner ‘Awakened fire serpent’.

Trees pulse in rhythm with the Stars, as has been recorded

Of the biological communications of wild growing trees in

Their pulsing entrainment with the stars in the constellation

‘Ursa Major’;  which is called “ASH” in Hebrew.

This tree Goddess bestows “ASHERAH” – 

‘Blessedness ,Happiness, and Fortune’.

 The women went to ‘Sacred groves’ where they worshipped

 The “Asherah”, ‘Tree Mothers’.

Every woman had her own tree that she sat under.

The powerful coursing of life-force ascending within

The tree was embraced  as she leaned her back against

The Sacred tree (mother).

“Ashah” means ‘to heal, to cure’.

“ASH-SHIRA” was for the ancient (and modern) Arab culture

The Star of SIRIUS.

Here is the Tree of Life of the ancients,

In bio-communication with the Stars.










Mari of Magdala


Ancient Queen;Great Mother of the line of Magdalene Priestesses-

A secret line of female teachings.

Teachings about the Cosmic laws of Life,                 

As learned and understood through love, and death;

Profound lessons that Mari’s initiate-King had to pass through,

Before he could rise from the ashes of the sacred colombarium;

From where the Spirit-dove guided his ascension

Into  the world of Light

...And flight and Heavenly Seeing.




Magdalena in Ecstasy


MARI MAGDALENA is the Lady of the ‘Tower’.

The temple towers were the sites of the Cananites’ Stellar observatories.

The Magdalena priestesses would always ‘kindle a fire’ on the alter thereby

purifying’ it and making it ‘holy’.

This prepared the “MIGDAL”, ‘tower’ for the night’s holy watch.

The Hebrew (syna-) “GOG” was originally the flat roof of a sanctioned tower,

Temple or raised alter upon which star watching was carried out.

Three nightly watches through the night.

Three Mari priestesses took it in turn to hold vigilance upon the moon

And planets navigating the heavenly seas.

They measured the equinoxes and eclipses.

The last watch of each night observed the heliacal rising of one or another

Of the morning stars; the morning star was greeted with welcoming chants

Sung from the top of the Magdal into the early morning ethers.

Measuring the cyclic movements and happenings of the celestial bodies

Gave the tribes of Canaan several functional calendars.

And most importantly attention to the heavens was a spiritual nurturing:

Following their ‘guiding star’ through the night, the Magdalenas ‘inner star’

Was kindled to blaze within.






ISIS’ nautical journey through the Interstallar Medium

Are cyclic orbits in the Primal Waters.


‘Knots’ of ISIS are wave patterns of sound

manifesting in the ocean of universal resonance.


Nodal Cosmic Octaves are the Great Mother’s Moorings;

Entwinning as the fiery Ureaus – Perpetual

Fire of Consciousness – Here the Self-Birthing Ennead.


The All-Seeing Eye and the All-Hearing Ear of

Omniscient Awareness,

Are ISIS stellar potency as a STAR flower

Floating in the maternal waters of ‘NU’.






The city MARI, the temple MARI, the ANUKHI MARI...


The Euphrates abounded with the sacred water lily and lotus.

Here was the water garden of MARI;

An open temple filled with the lotuses’ supplications –

Offering their perfumed essences

To their Lady of the erotic waters – MARI.


Past Kings ascended by way of Her aromatic essence,

Way of Her Waters,

Way of Her Blood.... this is the Ocean of MARI.


Goddess MARI, in turn ever- worshipping


Our sacred binary Star, Mother of our Sun,

Mother of the ANU-KHI !







The black light of the interstellar medium of deep space

Illumines all that is not, to be seen and not to ‘Be’.

To ‘Be’ and not seen – this is the path of the

Panther woman.


Here she reposes with her Panther Friends

Listening to their ‘interstellar Purr’...

While her Panther Friends repose in her lap

Sensing her cat – alert AWARENESS.







From the hydrogen oceans of Deep Space

She condenses rain

Water precipitates from Her Vast Womb

Falling onto planets open to Her Life–giving moisture.


The ‘TAO YIN’ is erotic – ‘eros’ from Greek “IEROS” meaning ‘sacred’.


YUAN–YIN’ is ever intimate in loving us,

Sharing Her Breath as air and the winds as whirling currents-

Vorticing Life–force

Sharing Her Lymph as morning dew... “YU”, ‘rain’

From outer space...


‘YU’ pouring down upon our heads,

As blessings from our YUNI vessel Mother and Lover.

“QUAN YIN”, ‘Erotic rain’...

Goddess of the Etheric Ocean... the Sea of CH’I.


Whenever Her children wish for refreshment and rejuvenation

To birth ‘anew’,

They jump into Her ‘well’ – Her “JING”

Falling backward – in, the vaginal vortex... the Source of Life.


Dragon Lady swimming in Herself

Offering the Elixir of Immortality to Her infants.

Essential Essence potent enough to excite our pineal eye

To implode into a nucleus...

A singular nerve cell at the heart of a soul prayer.

Possibly looking like a water crystal of the Seven Goddesses

of Bliss and Blessings.  Prayers do that you know, crystalize

Someday to precipitate as rain

In some eternal universe of ‘YOU’.






Night is a portal, that “Uwila” flies through,

Piercing ‘night–space’ and ‘night–time’ she’s free,

Free to perceive the other world with ‘owl–light’.

Her owl–sight looks into the depths,

As a vision–quest for profound wisdom.


Uwila’s eyes have sacred power

With visual acuity surpassing all other beings.

An oracle of night Uwila sees beyond death

Into regeneration, they being inseparably linked.


Winged huntress catches power

For her shaman h’owlets who call their mother’s

Return to the nest.


Her face carved in Irish passage grave stela 6,000 years ago

She appears like a large labyrinthian vulva of regeneration.

Shamans in Bulgaria 7,000 years ago

Polished her black stone body, incised and white–encrusted it

With a labyrinth empowering Rebirth.

A whirling source of ever–new seeing

She births her eggs of future shaman h’owlets – 6,500

Years ago ...







I am NEBIBI, I have chosen to take care of you

When you are most vulnerable !

At your most helpless – our ESSENCES mingle

And I show you the place of Plentiful Joy !


With my Magic Plume Collar of Flight

I come to you from the Sourceof All Vitality.


Entering your Child eyes , I succour you,

I suggest to you Cosmic Play.

The child in you likes my advances,

For in this play, this ‘Leela’, there is no fear.

An open Way , to the Source of All !


I enter you, join with you,

It is I who sees through your eyes,

Feel with your Heart,

Speak your Truth as  ‘ONE BEING’,

I live inside you, is it not good,

My Love, my Habibi.




“According to the ancients, the panther is the only animal who emits a perfumed odor.

It uses this scent to draw and capture it’s victims... “







‘Only when a woman concerns herself with the Heavenly Bodies

and seeks after them into the heights, can she understand what is





Born of the dark star Sirius B, white dwarf Star

Opposites attract – collide as anti-matter... zero matter.

Here is our ‘Zero Mother’;  Mother who exists not  --  anti-‘Mater’.


Dwarf Star, Dwarf Mother:

Petit ‘poupée’, tiny doll

Grand Mother who makes us to play !

“PO” star !

She’s so heavy ! ... ‘Poids Lourdes’;  ‘PAU’ – explosion supernova !

and then She is a weightless pea...

as the gravitational focus of three orbitting stars –

Sirius A, Sirius C and our Sun – Her daughters three ...

Who could hold their great Mother in the palm of their hands.


Fertility doll ... of the Cosmos; Fertility fire, a hatching heat !

In my womb there is a quickening,

A burning point focuses within my matrix

And the lens of Star Mother’s Eye sets it afire.

As the fire grows, so also grows the hole.

Growing ... thru diminishing.  Birthing ... thru dying.







Ancient, timeless Rite of Existence

hidden within the veils of Isis’ robes.

Stars circling Her Black Body of naked NU – ness !

The Blue Star births, fertility sheds Her space body into being.

Spaceless – Abundant, the Star Shines

a Glowing of Life and Love.


Full and formless the Eternal Breath !

Exfoliating Her form as the fragrance of a Sacred Blue Waterlily.

A flower of space, defining with breath,

and measuring the implosion and explosion ...

‘Supernova’ of Her infinite breathing into Being

a sense of Her Vast Unmanifest.







The ancient Hebrew Kabbalists spoke of  “The FOUR SERAPHIM”.

The SERAPHIM are the four heavenly luminaries comprising the

multiple or binary star system of which we belong.  Originating

with Sirius B, Dark STAR or nearly invisible point of light ;  this tiny

cosmic nucleus was called  “SIFR” (ar. ‘zero’) the secret ‘cipher’ of

our local universe or (gk)  “OION”.  The trinitary stellar Seraphim,

Stars Sirius A ,  Sirius C  and  Sirius D ( our Sun ) were called in

Hebrew  “SAPHAR”,  “SEPHER” and  “SIPHUR”.

These Archangels of Cosmic Fire were named by the Assyrians the  “SARA’PU”

and by the Hebrews the  “SARAPH” or  “SERAPH”.  Their radiance being a

divine fiery serpent’.  The ancient Egyptians knew them as the  “SERREF”.


The ‘ever-watchful’  “SEPHIRAH” ‘circle’ in great ‘cycles’.  “SAPHAR” means to

dance in a circle’ , ‘to revolve  and turn oneself around’ .  Revolving upon

their own axis the triune SERAPHIM orbit, dancing round the zero point in

deep space focalized by  “SIFR”, Star Sirius B, the weighty center of centers.

Our invisible or Black SUN, our Central Sun was to the mystic Kabbalists

the centre of Rest; the centre to which all motion was to be ultimately referred.

Round this central sun . . . ‘the first of three systemic suns . . . revolved on a

polar plane . . . the second, on an equatorial plane’ . . .  and the third only was

our visible sun.  These four solar bodies were ‘the organs on whose action

what man calls the creation, the evolution of life on the planet, earth, depends’ .”


The celestial SERAPHIM are ever–filling the aethers with their stellar energy.

They roar cosmic decibels through deep space in plosive tones beyond our hearing,

communicate with one another in cosmic harmonies beyond our understanding

and intoning the Cosmic Laws of Life, celebrate “The Laws of the ‘Sepher’ “

in exultation beyond our capacity.


The stellar winds of (h.) “Sepher” (pronounced ‘tsepher’ or ‘zepher’)

were called by the Greeks the “Zephyr”.  Our four Star-Goddesses’ breath–winds

were ciphered by the ancient Ionian women as four revolving ‘SPHERES’

(gk.) “ SPHAERA   OOOO

As a shamanic path, a woman through her womb was open to being ‘breathed through’ by a Zephyr.

  Communication without words, communion without a body, the

“SARAPH” comes to be a holy woman’s heavenly ally . . .  For only one who is

burnt’, “saraf”, has the stellar power to open to the ZERO ( the “SIFR”) she really is.

A burning Sarah,  ‘Saraf Sarah’ , is a holy woman, a Zero–Queen for her people.


Holy Sarah was adored by matriarchal nomadic tribes who saw her as their

Primal Mother – Cosmic Ancestress of their tribe.  All their shamaness–queens

they titled “SARAH” and it was She who lead Her tribespeople with their

caravan–SERAI through the deserts and into worlds unimaginable . . .


        “ Black Sarah, veiled queen of our inner Self,

         Humble helmswoman of our little boat

         Show us the way to navigate home

         To steer towards the dark invisible star

         Ever burning at the core of our being.

         You are our Anchor for our heart’s longing

         To circumnavigate that still point of our Being.”









Inspirational  descriptions to  the Goddess paintings by my wife Angela Marie.

                                                       ©copyright by Angela Marie Iannone Edelstein


All these paintings are acrylic on canvas, the sizes vary, beginning at 80 x 100 cms.  For further information, please contact me at      All feedback on this site is welcome.




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